From idea to finished film - soLoud!media offers professional film production and video production worldwide.

In addition to corporate films and commercials, web videos are becoming ever more important as a means of advertising, as media consumption has changed fundamentally in recent years. GOOD FOR YOU! After all, it has never been possible to target advertising as precisely as it is today.

This doesn't go without effect: the conversion rate of online customers is 64% to 85% higher after they have watched at a product-service or image video, in average they stay on your website 2 minutes longer  and your offline sales benefit massively from video content marketing as well. Engage your audience in the most effective way possible - through emotional, high-resolution, energy-charged, high quality videos.

With lots of know how and state-of-the-art equipment, we can produce in all common formats, from 1080p HD up to 4K and even 8k. We only use full-format film cameras and high-quality lenses. Our services also include aerial photography and filming with our 4k drones as well as 3D or 360 degree productions.

We match the needet teamsize individually to your project, from the run and gun 2-man tag-team, to the complete film crew with several camera operators, 1st AD, gaffer, assistants, lighting technicians, set dressers, costume designer, mask, bestboy, grip, caterer, etc .

We are also happy to do the casting of actors and speakers, send our location scouts on the lookout for the perfect location and of course take care of the appropriate film music, either from the archive or individually composed for you. We can also arrange for mouth watering catering, since this can be as vital as the camera on set.

Let's just talk about your needs, i.e. in the following areas:

-corporate image movies
-film production
-video production
-aerial photography
-event movies
-music videos
-short films
-feature movies
-viral and guerrilla marketing



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